IG Networks offers cost-effective, high quality International IP VPN and MPLS services to support your customer’s next generation IP network requirements. Our IP VPN services will let you expand your private IP international connectivity footprint while maintaining network transparency and complete control of your customer’s voice, video and data end-to-end applications

Improving your IP VPN experience in the Americas

Service has been built with the adaptability and flexibility required by global network providers and integrators. We focus on improving our customer’s network efficiency through a streamlined operational system, and will comply with your global processes requirements ensuring your end customer challenges are met.

Coverage extends to more than 45 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and North America with a profound expertise in regional and hard to reach locations including rural and industrial areas, distribution plants, technology parks, free-trade zones, airports as well as metropolitan and suburban areas. The international IP VPN service offers access technologies such as Ethernet (fiber, copper and terrestrial) and traditional leased line.

The maximum number of VPNs depends on the access technology with a maximum of 200 VPNs for Ethernet and leased line access. The standard configuration defines 6 DSCP classes of service from Best Effort, Assured Forwarding (4 classes) and Expedite Forwarding typically for voice applications. International IP VPN services offer bandwidths from 64 Kbps to 1Gbps.  The IP VPN service can be delivered on an Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interconnection. Ethernet interconnection can be established in colocation facility in various cities in the USA such as Miami, Dallas, Ashburn, Los Angeles, New York and various cities in Europe such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. 

The interconnection can be defined assigning layer 2 VLANs per end customer or per VRF depending on the end customer’s network design.

Some current implementations combine IP VPN MPLS services with VPNs built over Internet access. Sites can have a primary connection using IP VPN MPLS and a backup VPN connection that is Internet-based to achieve automatic failover and load balancing for cost effectiveness. The service is offered as wires only (unmanaged) or managed solution.

A managed solution includes design, implementation and proactive end-to-end monitoring. Availability, packet loss and bandwidth utilization is measured real time through a distributed international monitoring system that has the ability to differentiate local and international anomalies in the service. IG Networks service includes a standard service level agreement that guarantees MTTR, availability, packet loss, RTD and jitter (Expedited Forwarding class of service).

Solutions in operation also include value added services such as the lease, procurement, installation and management of switches and routers, power management (UPS), customer rack and stack, as well as internal and LAN cabling.